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  • Patricia Wright

Reflections from a Grandmother in the season of COVID

My Dear Children,

Summer is just about over and we are moving beyond it, into darkening evenings

and cooler nights. As we walk gingerly into a new season we remember the

summer of 2020 - the Covid summer. How was the summer? Were we all able to

have a summertime renewal? So as the Covid summer of 2020 recedes in the rear

view mirror, we might consider asking ourselves – what do we do now? how do

we step beyond the Covid summer?

Although there is an old George Gershwin song with lyrics that say, “....Summertime and the living is easy...." I know that living a Covid summer was not always easy. Many of us did not go out very much. We wore our masks and thought about our health, and the health of our loved ones. We shelved our plans and sought alternatives. For many of us, that strain of Covid continues to be difficult to bear.

But, let us look forward. Let us move away from the stress that Covid might have

brought to our doorstep and build our inner resources as we get ready for fall and

winter. Let us fill ourselves with positive energies and seek to renew our spirits.

For me, there are three Rs necessary for renewal, these are Replenish, Revitalize,

and Recharge. To renew ourselves we should take the time to Replenish our

minds, Revitalize our bodies, and Recharge our ‘soul’ar batteries.

Replenish our Minds:

When we replenish something, we actually create space so that we can re-stock

and refill depleted supplies. We replenish our minds when we create space in our

heads for positive thoughts and ideas. When we begin to examine our thoughts,

our desires, our hopes and our dreams, we are able to reset our personal

timetable and move forward with intention. We replenish when we carve out

some me-time – to read a book, look at the stars, sing a song or even just go

outside to marvel at the changing colours in the trees. If we were to decide that

“just for today, we will not worry, and we will not get angry”, and if we were to

make that decision every day, then would be taking a big step towards

replenishing our minds.

Revitalize our Bodies.

To revitalize our bodies is to give it new life. A revitalized body will support a

replenished mind. The great gift of this time of year is the gift of the harvest, of

fresh fruit and vegetables. We revitalize our bodies when we look at the world

through the lens of thankfulness, and thank our creator for all the gifts that have

been given to us. If we are able, we should try to linger outside in the fresh air,

put our gardens to sleep for the winter, take a walk in the park, stroll by water,

and exercise outdoors, if we can. We put life back into our bodies when we follow

a healthy diet, drink sustaining liquids, exercise and build a strong body, and top it

off with a good-night’s rest and relaxation. Our revitalization is successful when

we live in a state of gratitude and give thanks for the blessings that we have


Recharge our ‘Soul’ar Batteries:

A recharged ‘soul’ar battery helps us renew our spirit by restoring the energy that

our bodies need, and that our minds depend on. A battery recharge is one of the

best foundations on which we build our lives. It happens when we remember the

things that inspired us in the past, and use them to direct our future and shape

our hopes. A ‘soul’ar recharge is fashioned, when we focus on the positive aspects

in our lives, and duplicate them over and over. The recharge works best, when we

meditate on the possibilities open to us and seek resources to obtain them. It is

successful when we build with hope and look forward with faith in the infinite

possibilities ahead of us.

So, continue to let your spirit soar, recharge your ‘Soul’ar battery, put the energy of your replenished mind and revitalized body to work. Take control of your destiny, and as you grab hold of it, know that you can, and will, achieve.

And, as always, take care of yourself.

Grandma Trica

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