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Women's Space Group

(in partnership with the Neighbour to Neighbour N2N Good Group)

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The group was formed through a partnership to continue a women’s group every Thursday morning.  It was originally a N2N program with a paid group facilitator.  We managed to receive a small grant from the Diocese to employ a facilitator for an extended short time, but no longer have the funds to pay anyone.  We carry on by sharing the load.  N2N continues to supply bus tickets for those needing them; ongoing support arranging guest speakers and resources as available, and ongoing promotion of the program.  Our parish and N2N have a very co-operative ongoing relationship.  We in turn support them with weekly food donations and produce from our gardens when in season.  We offer light refreshments, lively conversation, shared life experiences and additional support if possible through contacts or services or just listening to each other.  The volunteers and guests look forward to being together every Thursday morning and are always open to newcomers – women only!

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