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Why Anglican?

To paraphrase Presiding Bishop Michael Curry (US), Anglicans can be considered 'the Episcopal branch of the Jesus movement.' To be an Anglican is first and foremost about following Jesus Christ. Historically, Anglicanism evolved from the Reformation movement in England in the 16th century.  Our tradition has been blessed with many brilliant theologians, literary giants, musicians & composers, and humanitarians.  Being episcopal means our bishops, including our own Bishop Susan Bell, trace their consecration all the way back to the original apostles.  Our bishops and clergy help us to see that we are connected to other Anglicans across the globe. Many find us to be a 'middle way' between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism.  That is, our worship shares common ancestry with our Roman brothers and sisters, though much of our teaching has been influenced by Reformed theologians and liturgists. Ultimately, we are about helping people encounter the risen Christ through Word and Sacrament, and by the Holy Spirit we seek to embody Christ's compassion for the world.


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